“It gives me great pleasure to declare that the sole aim of human life is to realize God. All Scriptures, saints and sages who had the True Knowledge of God have proclaimed this same Truth. Lord Krishna Himself said that the end result of all action is knowledge, and that there is nothing as holy as spiritual knowledge.

Just as fire reduces fuel to ashes, the fire of Knowledge burns up the bondage of good and bad effects of actions. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, if you receive this knowledge, you will be freed from attachment and delusion. You will see all beings within yourself and within Me. However, you must prostrate to the wise seers, and sincerely ask them for this knowledge, serve them, and those who know these mysteries will reveal them to you.

Without knowledge the mind cannot be concentrated. In the Gita, Arjuna said, O Krishna! This mind is very resdess, powerful, obsdnate and wilful. It seems to me, that to control it, is harder than trying to de the air into a bundle. Then the Lord replied, undoubtedly the mind is resdess and difficult to control, but through constant practice and disinterest in worldly things (Vairagya) it is possible. In his ‘Yoga Aphorisms’, Patanjali has written. The highest Yoga is prevention of the ductuations of mind.

Lord Krishna also said, The realized seer and Yogi of action is superior to the ascetic, so, Arjuna, be a yogi, understand what is renunciation, for someone who does not
give up all desires and fantasies, cannot realize his soul.

To explain these mysteries, I have extracted the nectar-like essence from the flowers of the various scriptures of the world garden, and gathered them together in the hive of this small book. The spiritual Master uses the medicine of the “Holy Name” to neutralize the poison of the mind, in the same way as a skilled physician neutralizes poisons with his medicines. When the mind is still, you gain mental equilibrium.

There is an wasp called ‘Bhringi’ which turns a particular kind of insect into its own form by emitting a certain sound. The spiritual Master is like that Bhringi. By reading this book, which can be compared to the Bhringi’s sound, and by digesting its ideas and putting them into practice, you can dissolve yourself in God.

What was the intention of writing this book? Lord Krishna said in the Gita, do not reveal my stories to anyone who has not made any sacrifice, or who has no devotion, or who has no desire to listen. He also said, He who propagates this supreme and secret Knowledge among My devotees, is dearest to Me, and will undoubtedly attain Me.

It is written in the scriptures that you should sit in a solitary place and meditate on God. If you must talk to anyone, then talk about God. This is the easy way to attain Him, but he cannot be realized by an impure mind. To purify the mind, this book recommends the Yoga of Devotion.

Liberation is not easily attainable by everyone. Only someone who has strong inherent tendencies in that direction, can achieve it. Firstly, he must remove the bad tendencies and impressions within himself, and purify his mind by spiritual disciplines. Secondly, he must study the Scriptures and listen to the Spiritual Master’s discourses, and reflect on their purport. Once he realizes what they are all about, he can quickly receive Knowledge, behold God face-to-face and attain perfect peace.

I humbly request my readers to use their powers of discrimination to reflect upon the substance of the scriptures which I, using my limited intellect, have collected. Excuse me if the language is not up to the mark. Please understand that the special quality of this book is that it glorifies God as He really is. I have not embellished it with clever words.

Someone who studies the scriptures and does not know what it mean is like a tree which is suffering from the weight of its own leaves, or like a beast which is suffering under a heavy load of valuable goods. On the other hand, someone who understands perfectly the meaning of the scriptures, can attain perfect bliss. Through knowledge and his own pious behaviour, he is freed from all sins, and at the time of his death, achieves perfect peace.

If you do not know the Almighty God Who is omnipresent and indestructible, Who is the truth of all scriptures and in Whom dwells the earth, sun and all the worlds, then what happiness can you get from merely reading scriptures? No happiness at all! If, however, after studying scriptures, an aspirant receives knowledge of the Soul and realizes it, he becomes stabilized in God. He attains liberation and the highest bliss. Therefore, I urge upon you to understand what you are reading and teaching.


Hansyog Prakash
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
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