Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

an excerpt from the book Hansyog Prakash

“It gives me great pleasure to declare that the sole aim of human life is to realize God. All Scriptures, saints and sages who had the True Knowledge of God have proclaimed this same Truth. Lord Krishna Himself said that the end result of all action is knowledge, and that there is nothing as holy as spiritual knowledge.

Just as fire reduces fuel to ashes, the fire of Knowledge burns up the bondage of good and bad effects of actions. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, if you receive this knowledge, you will be freed from attachment and delusion. You will see all beings within yourself and within Me. However, you must prostrate to the wise seers, and sincerely ask them for this knowledge, serve them, and those who know these mysteries will reveal them to you.

Without knowledge the mind cannot be concentrated. In the Gita, Arjuna said, O Krishna! This mind is very resdess, powerful, obsdnate and wilful. It seems to me, that to control it, is harder than trying to de the air into a bundle. Then the Lord replied, undoubtedly the mind is resdess and difficult to control, but through constant practice and disinterest in worldly things (Vairagya) it is possible. In his ‘Yoga Aphorisms’, Patanjali has written. The highest Yoga is prevention of the ductuations of mind.

Lord Krishna also said, The realized seer and Yogi of action is superior to the ascetic, so, Arjuna, be a yogi, understand what is renunciation, for someone who does not give up all desires and fantasies, cannot realize his soul.

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परमपूज्य श्री भोले जी महाराज के पावन पन्मोत्सव पर

विशाल सत्संग समारोह

26 व 27 जुलाई 2019
सायं 6 से 9 बजे सत्संग – प्रवचन 
श्री हंसलोक आश्रम

B -18 भाटी माइंस रोड, भाटी, छत्तरपुर
नई दिल्ली – 110074

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Birthday Celebration of Shri Bhole Ji Maharaj

26 & 27 July 2019, 6pm-9pm

Shri Hanslok Ashram
B-18 Bhaati Mines Road, Bhaati, Chattarpur

New Delhi – 110074
Contact : ‭+91 8800291288, 8800291788

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